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About Chesshir Stone

Chesshir Stone & Rock Supply, Inc. was originally founded in Denison Texas in 1975. With a site of roughly 6 acres of natural stone, over the years we have expanded our product line to include building stones and decorative gravels for all your building needs. Whether you are a commercial or residential builder, we want to make sure that you find what you need at the right price.

We also provide quality fireplaces to many of the most prestigious private residences throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

Our stone yard hosts a wide variety and colors of all types of natural stone including:

Flagstone – Flagstone is a new and innovative landscaping product that is designed to provide protection against ice and snow while being easy on the environment. Flagstone can also be used as a decorative feature in your backyard and garden.

Building stones – We specialize in small and large building stones. These stones are used to make a variety of landscaping, hearthside areas, retaining walls and more.

Boulders – Create borders and rock gardens in your landscaping projects. Boulders are not just for the front yard and garden, they can also be used as part of larger outdoor projects such as patios, retaining walls, fire pits, and more.

Natural Cut Stones – Available in Flat or Chopped, Natural cut stones are the latest trend in landscaping. This type of stone brings not only beauty and stability to your garden, but also a natural color.

Soils – From Mason and Granite Sand, to Sandy Loam, Bedding Soil and Organic Compost, we have the soil needed for your project.

River Rocks – River Rocks are a great decorative addition to water features in your landscaping. These beautiful rocks absorb moisture and help prevent erosion. River rocks transform your landscape into a stunning focal point with a hint of rustic charm.

Decorative Gravels – For landscapers, there is nothing more important to have than the right gravel. Gravels are used by landscapers to make pathways, driveways, patios and walkways. We carry the most popular types of decorative gravel for landscapers at affordable prices.

At Chesshir Stone & Rock Supply, we pride ourselves in our customer service. We strive to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Satisfaction is our #1 priority. We are skilled craftsmen dedicated to perfecting our art by taking pride in every piece that leaves our yard. We take great care to ensure every item is delivered to you as we would expect it to be delivered if it were being created for us!

Chesshir Stone & Rock Supply is one of the largest Stone Suppliers in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area. We can also provide our customers in special ordering materials not listed. Contact or call us at (214) 350-6781 today!

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